Kirvin's Wellness ​Center

        " Balancing You​r Body 

         The Natural Way"


Hair Testing

Welcome to Kirvin's Wellness Center!

Kirvin’s Wellness Center (KWC) offers Personal Training , Nutritional Analysis, Health Coaching, Hair Mineral Analysis, and Health Education,   to accommodate any individuals who are concerned about obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. KWC takes a comprehensive approach to assessing health and fitness, as the foundation to the concept of personal responsibility for one's lifestyle choices. We also offer Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. 

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Why not give yourself a FRESH START?

F- Food (Organic)

R - Rest (Sleep)

E- Exercise (Workout)

S- Sunshine (Vitamin D)

H- H2O (Water)

S- Smile ( Be Happy)

T - Temperance (Self Control)

A-Air (Breathe)

R-Resilience (Never Give Up)

T-Trust In GOD​ (Jesus Christ)

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